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47th annual Estonian cultural festival kicks off in New York (ERR)

Cultural Days in Media 2016&2017 (ENG)

47th annual Estonian cultural festival kicks off in New York (ERR)

Valev Laube

The 47th annual Estonian Cultural Days in New York kicks off on Wednesday, featuring a five-day cultural program including a Tallinn City Theatre production, the WAF Choir, La La Ladies, Ott Lepland and Tanja Mihhailova.

The Cultural Days, held at the New York Estonian House in the heart of Manhattan, will be opened with Uno Habakukk's painting exhibition "Disappearing Lines" and chief organizer Kadri Napritson-Acuna's display "47 Years of Cultural Days."

According to Kadri Jauram, chief of the Estonian Ministry of Culture's Foreign Relations Department, this year's program is very multifaceted. "We are glad that we can once again support the Cultural Days and help bring those new and exciting things from Estonia's cultural world to our compatriots that speak to them specifically," said Jauram.

The five-day festival, which runs from April 5-9, will also include performances from David Austin and Alari Koel's Estonian-themed musical "Innocence," lectures by art critic Heie Treier, journalist and photographer Priit Vesilind and Estonian e-state expert and Deputy Director of e-Governance Academy Hannes Astok as well as screenings of the films "They Say Tomatoes Love Rock Music" and "American Summer." Younger attendees will also have the opportunity to participate in a writing and illustration workshop led by author-illustrator Piret Raud and author Kätlin Vainola.

According to Napritson-Acuna, organizers of the event have received letters of support and donations from all over the world. "That kind of support is a huge motivator for us and a help during more difficult moments in organziation efforts as well," she said.


For more information regarding the Estonian Cultural Days in New York, including schedule and registration information, please visit the event's website.

Editor: Aili Vahtla