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La La Ladies

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La La Ladies

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La La Ladies

La La Ladies

La La Ladies, the only female pop ensemble in Estonia, has been in existence for 3 years. Its members are Kethi Uibomägi, Inga Tislar and Diana Varik. They give concerts in Estonian, English and Russian. Their repertoire includes their own compositions as well as hits that they have rearranged into electro-swing keys.

In addition to singing, the young ladies are also prolific original composers. During the past year the band has come out with 3 new singles: “Unikaalne” [“Unique”], which they performed at the Estonian Song competition, “Meile Meeldib” [“We Like It”] and “Sulle” [“For You”], which made the Top 8 list of the Radio Sky Plus hits competition.

The past year has been the most intense in the band’s development, including participation in the Estonian Song competition, cooperation with the Estonian fashion label Bastion, which will also be coming out with a La La Ladies clothing line, and performing in 110 concerts.  The most notable performances have been at the Vilnius Siemens Arena, the Tallinn Song Grounds, the Estonian Sporting Stars Gala and in many TV broadcasts and programs.

On stage, the young ladies emphasize most of all getting along with one another and generation of the energy that they exude to their audience. “We believe that if we react positively and enthusiastically to everything that we do, it will also generate positive emotions in every listener.”

“We usually rehearse 2 hours for each performance.  We try to present a feminine style that is consistent across all 3 of us. Our performances are choreographed, so we have to train hard in order to be able to simultaneously sing and dance.”

“Our stage performing experience is very varied. Diana has competed in the world championships of dancing, Inga has hummed along to Christina Aguilera ever since elementary school and Kethi started performing in local singing competitions at the age of 6.”

Inga – studies pop and jazz singing at the Georg Ots School of Music.  She has participated in major TV broadcasts such as “Inglite Aeg” [“Time of Angels”], Valge Gospel” [“White Gospel”] and “Tallinn, I’m Famous”.

Diana – has performed as a dancer in “Su nägu kõlab tuttavalt” [“Your face seems familiar”] for 6 years.

Kethi – was a semi-finalist in the 2007 “Eesti otsib superstaari” [“Estonia is looking for a superstar”] broadcast. She has studied singing at the WAF music and dance school for 4 years. She has performed in the musicals “Grease” and “Lotte jõulupidu” [“Lotte’s Christmas”] at the Vanemuine Theatre.  She was an actress in the 2016 Best Film of Estonia “Päevad, mis ajasid segadusse” [“Days that led to confusion”]. She is also a singer in the TV series “Pühapäev Sepoga” [“Sunday with Zeppo”].

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