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Piret Raud

Estonian Cultural Days - LineUp

Piret Raud

Valev Laube

Piret Raud

Piret Raud has studied printmaking at the Estonian Academy of Arts. Since graduating in 1995, she has been living and working in Tallinn as a graphic artist, book illustrator and children's literature writer. She has illustrated over 40 books and written 16 books for children. Her books have been translated into French, Italian, English, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Albanian, Hungarian and German. She has won several awards for both her literary work, and illustrations.

As part of the festival Piret Raud and Kätlin Väinola will be hosting talk/workshop for children, where Piret Raud will present her book “Mister Bird’s Story/Härra Linnu Lugu” and Kätlin Väinola will carry out a workshop, during which time parents can listen to a variety of lectures while even the youngest cultural aficionados are given an opportunity to participate in the program with presentations that are appropriate to
their age group.

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